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History of Anthropology is a brand new sequence of annual volumes, every one of on the way to deal with an incredible subject matter within the historical past of anthropological inquiry. For this preliminary quantity, the editors have selected to target the fashionable cultural anthropology: in depth fieldwork via "participant observation." Observers Observed comprises essays through a unusual team of historians and anthropologists masking significant episodes within the historical past of ethnographic fieldwork within the American, British, and French traditions seeing that 1880. because the first paintings to enquire the improvement of recent fieldwork in a major old method, this assortment may be of serious curiosity and price to anthropologist, historians of technological know-how and the social sciences, and the final readers attracted to the way glossy anthropologists have perceived and defined the cultures of "others." integrated during this quantity are the contributions of Homer G. Barnett, collage of Oregon; James Clifford, college of California, Santa Cruz; Douglas Cole, Simon Frazer college; Richard Handler, Lake woodland university; Curtis Hinsley, Colgate collage; Joan Larcom, Mount Holyoke collage; Paul Rabinow, college of California, Berkeley; and the editor.

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